What I do

The LivLife BIGGER® methodology provides you with clarity, action and accountability in the areas of your life and work. My mission is to empower you in these areas, while maintaining a solid structure for your wellbeing, mindset, habits and support network. All while keeping an eye on that bigger vision.

The coaching is a mixture of exploration, intuition, performance and accountability. Authenticity and integrity are integral to the process. Courage and compassion for self is strongly encouraged.

Services include:
● 1:1 Transformational Coaching in Life Strategy & Peak Performance
● Workshops (on request)
Events / Talks

1-2-1 Personal Training (PT)*
● 1-2-1 combined Coaching and PT*
● Group Fitness

● Retreats

*Available in London, UK only. Details here.

NB: LivLife BIGGER® is now the umbrella under which the fitness offering LIVFIT® exists.