Pilates HIIT & High Tea

One of the best things about Instagram is finding out about pop-ups and slightly more niche events that you wouldn’t have heard about any other way.

It was how I found out about this.

I’ve been a fan of Hollie Grant at PilatesPT for a while now, but until today have been more of an armchair follower; through her website, blog and Instagram account. I had been hoping to catch her Reformer Pilates classes at PilatesHQ around 2 years back (after seeing a workout on the Sweaty Betty site), before I realised the information was out of date and she was now based on the other side of London.

As a bit of an event junkie, booking my ticket was therefore a no-brainer.

On arrival I was greeted by Iris, founder of The Wellscene and also said Hi to Hollie who checked if there were any injuries she should be aware of. I then got settled on a mat at the back. Partly because I was suffering from a serious case of DOMS after 2 days of CrossFit and didn’t want to be slacking at the front!

The hour-long workout started at 1pm and consisted of a combination of Mat Pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). ‘The Model Method’ is a highly effective combination that is great for improving Core strength in a way that keeps your heart rate up, while preventing boredom. Perfect for those who who also want to burn body fat while improving their fitness levels.

Hiding at the back in a Shoulder Bridge with Pilates ring

The class itself was a lot of fun. It was paced really well and Hollie is a fantastic instructor – very clear and motivating.

Bird's Eye view of Pilates HIIT class

Bird’s Eye view of the class

We finished with a stretch and then had some time to freshen up, try some Birch water from Sibberi and mingle a little before heading upstairs for a light, but delicious post-workout lunch by Maple & Fitz.

Poached egg, chilli lime cilantro grilled avocado, lime wedge and baby spinach

Delicious treats

Mini Beri Muffins (Vegan, DF), Raw Energy Balls (DF), Sunflower Loaf

This was followed by a delicious selection of gluten-free treats. All fresh made on the day.

Over tea, we had a little Q&A session that lasted around 45 minutes with both Hollie and Adria – founder of Maple & Fitz.

The spread

The spread

It’s always really inspiring to hear more from female entrepreneurs who have decided to pursue their passion; learn a bit about their background, the challenges they’ve faced, what their current philosophy is and why they do what they do.

Some interesting topics discussed included:

  • The current state of the fitness industry and the downsides of social media when it comes to encouraging more people to aim for a better state of overall health (mental included), as opposed to just wanting to look a certain way
  • The importance of Mental Health and how it is not talked about enough
  • Nutrition: consuming what feels good for you, as opposed to  following the latest fad for the sake of it
  • If you can’t always afford to buy organic, then rotating the supermarkets or butchers that you buy from can help to make sure that you’re not always consuming produce/meat where the same farming methods have been used in terms of the hormones or other chemicals added
  • Shelf life is a good indicator of both the quality and freshness of the food you buy.

Sometimes you can be disappointed meeting those you admire from afar in person, but Hollie is really genuine and has an admirable philosophy with her work and the message she wants to get across.  On a personal level, the Q&A this afternoon served as a good reminder for why I decided to get into the industry in the first place, and what separates out the average trainers from the great ones.

I have been to a lot of events over the years and can honestly say that this was one of the most well-organised that I have attended to date. You can see the amount of work that has gone into ensuring quality, and probably one of the best things for me is that it was  intimate in size – these pop-up events are typically capped at around 30-35 people. It therefore feels less intimidating for those who decide to rock up alone, and also allows for a more friendly atmosphere. Great for connecting with new, like-minded people!

And lastly, let’s not forget the amazing swag bags.

The Wellscene swag bags

The price tag for all of this? £35. So really great value for money, and one that I’d recommend to others. Either way, I’ll definitely be going along to future events.

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