My Story

This journey began in early 2016, the year I turned 30 and decided it was time to start getting uncomfortable. I started taking on things that scared me, doing things I didn’t believe I could do, and made a point to connect with people I didn’t particularly like.

I jumped out of a plane on my birthday in Las Vegas, ran my very first 10k race (on only 3 days notice – I dislike running), made some incredible new friends and met many more interesting people.

Up until 2017 I’d worked at central London Market Research agencies and loved my job working with brands in the Innovation and then Experiential space – evaluating the performance of festival sponsorships, high profile sporting events, sampling activities and educational campaigns. I knew it wasn’t the be-all and end-all for me however. I just didn’t know what it was that I was ‘supposed’ to be doing instead.

I’d initially thought I would move into fitness full-time, having replaced a serious dance hobby with workouts and fitness classes to deal with the lethargy and weight that crept up on me in my late 20s. Or so I thought. After qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer I realised that while I loved fitness there was something missing. Later that year I started my personal development journey and things finally ‘clicked’ into place. I had a number of big breakthroughs and in the space that opened up this idea of a ‘purpose’ appeared. I wanted to make a difference to people in a more holistic way – not only with fitness but also on a mental and emotional level, having had personal experience of exercise addiction (as a coping and avoidance mechanism) which led to injury.

I’m a born and bred Londoner although my background is Malaysian, so there was always a bit of an East meets West culture clash growing up. I grew up with corporal punishment and there was also a lot of underlying resentment around being female in a culture that places more outward value on being male. There was also a lot of focus on achievement and so I definitely veered towards a more driven, competitive masculine energy. Today I’m a proponent of collaboration over competition.

My own coaching journey led me to deal with the root cause of my anger issues to the point where things that used to trigger me no longer run the show anymore, and on the days I am a bit crankier I have both the awareness and tools I can call upon to deal with situations more powerfully. I’ve also tackled my perfectionist tendencies and the need to control everything. Coaching really has had an impact in every area of my life – finding my purpose, on my relationships and most of all with confidence and belief in myself. Today I’m an advocate for Collaboration over Competition.

From Day 1 of my Diploma in Transformational Coaching I knew that I was finally in the right place. Coaching came very naturally to me and I finally know what people mean when they say ‘work doesn’t feel like work’. Soon after, I handed in my three-month notice.

One of my own coaches and mentors said to me early this year ‘you have everything you need, you don’t need to do anymore courses or know anymore for now, you just need to trust yourself’. And so here I am.

I’ve always had an interest in Human Psychology, Animal Behaviour and been conscious of global issues. All of which have taken me from Biology, Geography and Psychology A-Levels through to an International Marketing degree, learning languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili, among many others), through to conservation projects in Southern Africa (including multiple safaris) and travel to over 33 countries across the world where I’ve been able to immerse myself in a huge variety of cultures and communities.

My passion is to create more conscious leaders globally, whether that means giving up the day job or not!