Happy New Year!

Saturated. Is the word I’d use to describe the Internet in relation to ‘what a shitty 2016 it’s been’ and how 2017 is going to be so much better.

I was almost tempted to shut down my social media for a few days as the constant bombardment was making me feel, quite frankly, stressed out. All this pressure to set goals and make this year better than the one before it. Then there is the entire Health & Fitness/Wellness industry jumping on the (very predictable) marketing bandwagon, the million promotional emails, ads…

Now don’t get me wrong, I do get it. Its business. And I’m all for being positive and going big with intentions for the year, however at some point it gets a bit much and that’s when its time to switch off. The last few days have felt a little uncomfortable because I’ve been thinking that I need to be clear on everything for the year before I go back to work tomorrow.

But you know what? No.

It’s still the start of the year – the exact date doesn’t really matter. If you still have loose ends to tie up 2016 its all good! Forget the ‘shoulds’. If you have yet to do this and actually want to, then book in some time with yourself over the next few days. Switch everything off and sit through your own process of reflection and see what comes up for you organically. Make notes, draw pictures if that’s something that feels natural to you.

The below has been a really fun, surprising and enlightening process for me personally, so if you’re a little stuck on how to go about this, I’ve broken down some steps:

  1. Reflect back on 2016. List all your achievements. Acknowledge them. We don’t do this often enough!
  2. Map out all the important areas of your life. Examples could include: Family, Friends, Career, Health, Spirituality, Home environment, Relationships
  3. Write down some words to describe how you want to feel in each of these areas, for example; courageous, adventurous, free, healthy, strong, energised, balanced, calm, inspired, excited, grateful, creative
  4. Brainstorm some ideas of things you could do in each of areas that would get you to those feelings. Don’t restrict yourself at this point. Go nuts. Nobody has to see it!

A lot of people create Vision Boards. Something I have considered in the past but have never done. And honestly, having just decluttered my living space I didn’t want to clean up more mess. So I chose to invest in a Leonie Dawson workbook for the first time this year – she is a complete hippy and a little out there but I’m wanting more fun and creativity in 2017 so this seemed perfect. I’m nowhere near halfway through but intending to complete it by the end of January.